Ing. Rudolf Pavlovič
member of Slovak Genealogical-Heraldic Society

Genealogical charts, heraldry, family-trees. They are magic oftentimes otherworldly terms. Words used to describe our desire to reach into the past and discover our origins.

In the last 20 years the interest in Genealogy has grown greatly. More and more people wonder about the people in their family tree. Did my ascendants belong to the peasant class with only a patch of land to provide subsistence? Were they wealthy landowners? Did they come from an aristocratic lineage? Did they contribute something of importance to society? These essential questions swirl in the mind of anyone who considers researching their family history.

The bottom line is it does not matter if they were rich or poor, of the peasant or royal class, or whether or not they made a noticeable contribution to society. It is important that they lived, loved, and sacrificed so that the next generation could have a better way of life. So it is of utmost importance that we be thankful and get to know our ascendants.

Genealogical research is a difficult job. It requires time, patience, and logical thinking. Sometimes it is necessary to hire a trained researcher. This is especially true when your ancestors came from another country. Discovering your family tree is a job that will bring great reward for you, your family, and future generations to come.

Rudo Pavlovič


News and information

01.02.2011 Added new family trees Bendik

30.10.2010 Added new family trees Galik

27.06.2010 Added new family tree Cismarik and Zavody

25.05.2010 Added new family tree Singlar Katruska

25.03.2010 Added new family tree Majercak

14.11.2009 Added new family tree Velic

04.08.2009 Added new family tree Staurovsky

03.05.2009 Added new family tree Szekely. Members from eastern Slovakia, USA, Germany and England

18.04.2009 Added new family tree Kukula - Haniska near Kosice

22.03.2009 Added new family tree Pavlovic - Stara Tura

08.02.2009 Family tree Pavlovič has already 538 members mostly from eastern Slovakia

02.01.2009 Added new family tree Sabol

05.11.2008 Attractions - St.Nicolaus Concathedral tower in Prešov

24.10.2008 Family tree Pavlovič has already 504 members mostly from eastern Slovakia

15.06.2008 Attractions - Rafting on the Bela river, eastern Slovakia

08.06.2008 Added new family trees Vanko, Macisak, Hafic, Rosko

01.06.2008 Added new family trees Bakos, Didik

26.05.2008 Lost registers - also from northeast Hungarian region

30.03.2008 Lost registers - already 68 Parishes, 171 Affiliated branches and 5700 surnames

23.03.2008 Added 4 new family trees Pavlovič

23.02.2008 Lost registers have already 64 Parishes, 165 Affiliated branches and 5300 surnames

19.01.2008 New Family Tree Pavlovič - Sedlice ( 294 members)

29.12.2007 Attractions - added new pictures of Christmas cribs from Prešov churches

17.09.2007 added Lost registers from villages of the eastern Slovakia

27.08.2007 added new Family Tree Wirtes with 393 members, added new members into Pavlovič tree

21.07.2007 Family tree Pavlovič has already 460 members mostly from East Slovakia

03.07.2007 adden new menu "FamilyTrees"

12.06.2007 products translated

23.05.2007 new products added in slovak language

22.05.2007 new references added

08.05.2007 start of page developing

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