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Greek Catholic family Pavlovič from Šarišské Čierne 1693 – 1900.

The book surveys works of my ancestors – Greek Catholic priests in the period of 1693 – 1900. The ancestors came from the village Šarišské Čierne (previously Csarne), which is situated near Bardejov in eastern part of Slovakia. This book is the result ... >>More

The family tree of Greek Catholic priests in Carpathian region, eastern Slovakia

Juraj Čisarik, together with his cousin Matúš Molcsanyi, initially started to write the book. After speaking with Juraj Čisarik I started to complete the information from my private archive. The book nowadays contains family trees of Greek Catholic priests who work mainly in eastern part of Slovakia found out by us. ... >>More

The family tree of Pavlovič family from Prešov, eastern Slovakia

The first impulse for the creation of a family tree was the matter of fact that the family tree of our family was not worked out by anyone. Another reason was the answering of the question, whether Alexander Pavlovič (1819-1900), a Greek Catholic priest, Ruthenian national revivalist, was our ... >>More

The family tree of Vertes, Virtes, Wirtes family from village Vinne, eastern Slovakia.

The family tree was created due to request of Mr. David G.Wirtes from Mobile, Alabama, U.S. Wirtes family probably came from Austria. The ancestors dealt with the growth of grape and the production of vine. The quality of their vine was apparently high >>More

The survey of Staurovsky surname in eastern Slovakia.

By the request of Mr. Róbert Staurowsky from Highland, Texas, U.S. I have been searching for his ancestors that come from Vyšný Orlík. Mr. Staurowsky at the same time surveys the occurence of the surname in Slovakia. We still continue in this activity. We are looking for any information about persons with Staurovsky/Staurowsky surname. ... >>More

The family tree of Vaňko family from village Šarišský Štiavnik, eastern Slovakia.

The family tree was created due to request of Mrs. Theresa Martineau from U.S. Her ancestors came from Šarišský Štiavnik. The research was very difficult because registry offices from village Šarišský Štiavnik till the year 1900 were not saved. Some members of this family >>More

"Pavlovič in Slovakia in the past and today" project

I want to find out holders of Pavlovič/Paulovič surname in Slovakia in the past and also today. My aim is to publish a publication from recieved records. According to available sources the strongest representation of these surnames ... >>More

News and information

01.02.2011 Added new family trees Bendik

30.10.2010 Added new family trees Galik

27.06.2010 Added new family tree Cismarik and Zavody

25.05.2010 Added new family tree Singlar Katruska

25.03.2010 Added new family tree Majercak

14.11.2009 Added new family tree Velic

04.08.2009 Added new family tree Staurovsky

03.05.2009 Added new family tree Szekely. Members from eastern Slovakia, USA, Germany and England

18.04.2009 Added new family tree Kukula - Haniska near Kosice

22.03.2009 Added new family tree Pavlovic - Stara Tura

08.02.2009 Family tree Pavlovič has already 538 members mostly from eastern Slovakia

02.01.2009 Added new family tree Sabol

05.11.2008 Attractions - St.Nicolaus Concathedral tower in Prešov

24.10.2008 Family tree Pavlovič has already 504 members mostly from eastern Slovakia

15.06.2008 Attractions - Rafting on the Bela river, eastern Slovakia

08.06.2008 Added new family trees Vanko, Macisak, Hafic, Rosko

01.06.2008 Added new family trees Bakos, Didik

26.05.2008 Lost registers - also from northeast Hungarian region

30.03.2008 Lost registers - already 68 Parishes, 171 Affiliated branches and 5700 surnames

23.03.2008 Added 4 new family trees Pavlovič

23.02.2008 Lost registers have already 64 Parishes, 165 Affiliated branches and 5300 surnames

19.01.2008 New Family Tree Pavlovič - Sedlice ( 294 members)

29.12.2007 Attractions - added new pictures of Christmas cribs from Prešov churches

17.09.2007 added Lost registers from villages of the eastern Slovakia

27.08.2007 added new Family Tree Wirtes with 393 members, added new members into Pavlovič tree

21.07.2007 Family tree Pavlovič has already 460 members mostly from East Slovakia

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